Monday, March 23, 2009

Cable suggestions-Understanding the differences

I often get questions regarding cable suggestions for a particular application. There are many brands that employ similar technologies following some generally agreed upon facts. Some of the facts are based on Physics and some based on listen test by many, many people "in the know". 1. Air is the best dielectric. 2. The smoother the surface of the conductor the better. 3. EMI and RF contamination is bad. 4. Different materials conduct the signal differently. Whither those particular variations will positively effect YOUR listening or watching experience is not guaranteed, but know they definitely do make a difference. There are millions of people around the Globe that appreciate the sonic and visual benefits of quality cabling. Cable companies use a variety of methods to implement the previously mentioned three facts. Audioquest for example uses PE tubes to get close to an Air dielectric, PSC i.e. perfect surface copper and shielding. In my honest opinion; cables with silver conductors (very smooth and highly conductive) and multiple layers of shielding or heavy shielding are the best sounding cables.

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